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Yoga poses that burn fat

Flatten sexy body with this challenging yoga poses

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Yoga benefits your health, mind and body. And while some elements and the poses of yoga are excellent for relaxation, meditation and stretching, some poses are great to get you in shape, burn excess fat and shape your body.

Repeat this exercise four times a week. Repeat poses a row first on the right side of the body, and then on the left. Each pose hold ten of sighs. Then repeat the series, holding each pose one breath. Repeat six “short” sets. And finally to end repeat set from 5 to 10 breaths, changing the body (three times each).

Dog face down with a rope

yoga pose 1

Go on a press-up position, lift your hips and take your dog pose face down with your feet outstretched and feet (and heels) on the ground (a). Raise your right leg stretched out, and keep your right foot in the same position (b), or imagine that foot pressing on the wall behind you. This is the basic poses from which you start following all these positions.

Semi – Crow

yoga pose 2

From poses “Dog face down with a rope” lower right leg, bend the knee to the outside of the right arm while lifting your chest and you transfer weight forward on his hands. This do slow and controlled movements. Make exercise more difficult: the shoulder move forward in alignment with your hands, bend your elbows and try and lift the left leg off the ground and thus keep.

Knee to forehead

yoga pose 3

From poses “Dog face down with a rope” curled slowly lower the right leg while lifting the abdomen and hips. Knee offerings forehead, keeping your fingers on an outstretched foot, and abdominal and back muscles tightened. Press the chin toward the chest and stretch your upper back and shoulders.

Warrior III

yoga pose 4

From poses “Dog face down with a rope,” Put your right foot between your hands. Lift your hands off the ground and the weight shift on the right foot while lifting your left leg. At the same time, move the torso forward until it is parallel to the floor and extend your arms forward. Extend your left foot with your fingers facing down.


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