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Tips for running during hot days

What’s hot outside does not mean you should not change your daily routine when it comes to running. We bring you some important tips when it comes to running during the summer days.

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Acclimatize yourself

It takes some time for the body gets used to the new conditions of running, high temperatures and higher humidity. Please note that during the warmer days you will not be able to run at the same speed as usual and you should reduce the intensity of 65-75 percent initially, and later increase the intensity until you reach the standard level. For this you will need about 10 days.

Check the air temperature and humidity prior to running

Before you step outside, you may want to check exactly how much the temperature, humidity and concentration of allergens. The latter is especially important for those who have problems with respiratory organs. High temperatures combined with high humidity can is not suitable for running.

Drink water!

Most people simply forget to drink water during running, but mostly drunk after exercise which is totally wrong. Water should drink all the way in some more normal conditions, especially on hot days. If you are running more than 60 minutes instead of water you should drink sports drinks that will replace lost electrolytes.

Warning signs

It is important to know what are the symptoms of dehydration. Dehydration occurs when the body loses too much fluid through diarrhea, vomiting, sweat or exercise. If you do not drink enough fluids during exercise, you will feel muscle cramps, palpitations CRCA and / or dizziness. Symptoms of dehydration can be exhaustion or heat stroke.

Run in neighborhood 

When the heat would be best to run the company so that you have someone next to you if something bad happens.

Run in the morning

Flights would be best to run early in the morning when the sun is not yet strong and avoid running when the warmest, which is usually about 4 hours in the afternoon. If you do not have time for a morning run, then after work wait until the sun goes down.

Put on special equipment

In sports stores you can find special equipment to run in the summer, and this equipment is made of special materials that somehow cool the body as they allow moisture to evaporate as soon as possible.

Run in the shade

If your standard route running is not much of the avenue, then change the route to run in the shade.


Whenever you start to run in some extreme weather conditions, be sure to tell family members or friends, tell them exactly where you plan to run and how much you think to keep it. Be sure to carry a mobile phone and do not change the route running without anyone’s knowledge. Before you start to run on the skin, apply sunscreen, put the glasses and hat.

After all if is just too hot choose to run in acclimatized gym on the treadmill.

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