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Caution: You can not use these two types of oil on the beach

If you want to protect your skin during the sun in a natural way, then you can find out which oil you should not use while you are exposed to the sun.

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We use different essential oils, and during the summer it is almost forbidden to use. St. John’s Wort oil, you must never put it before exposure to the sun, so, if you spread it on the skin than you must undergo at least 24 hours in order to expose yourself to UV radiation with the certainty that we will not get unwanted side effects.

Almost the same goes for olive oil that has a fantastic effect on the skin, moisturizes and makes it elastic, but it will not protect you from ultraviolet rays. Very often, it can cause burns that cause frequent repetition of permanent damage to our skin like hyper-pigmentation, solar keratoses or skin cancer.

That is why your body should certainly get adequate protection creams with the appropriate protection factor.

It is believed that the cream with SPF 50 effectively filters and protects against 98 percent of UVA rays that come to our skin, which is the maximum protection factor.

Experts point out that in the last twenty years, research has confirmed that UVA radiation also causes damage to cells in the basal layer of the epidermis, and is now considered that UVA can contribute to or even cause skin cancer.

Application of cream with a high SPF is important for everyone, but is particularly important for people who are light-skinned, and whose skin still burns when exposed to sunlight.

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