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Tomato soup keeps your heart

Due to the abundance of that lycopene that is present in a red tomato soup can prevent the heart attack, and vitamin C that is present around the tomato seed protects the heart of the disease.

tomato soup

Soup soothes colds, proven by scientists. Some components of its attenuation effect on the symptoms of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, which manifests itself by secretion from the nose, and coughs. However, many modern women give up this healthy food, mostly because of the time they need for cooking soups. Quality and healthy soup can cook in just 15 minutes if you cut out enough vegetables finely.

Tomato Soup

This soup is excellent for the prevention of cancer, particularly prostate cancer, blockage of arteries and skin diseases. Thanks to the abundance of lycopene, which is present in red tomatoes eating soup can help prevent heart attack, and vitamin C present around the tomato seeds protects the heart from disease, respiratory infections, skin cancer and vision loss.

Mushroom Soup

This soup is excellent in the prevention of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and viral infections. Mushrooms are rich in vitamin B, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin B6, which can help combat depression, heart disease and migraines.

Celery soup

Celery is very healthy because it contains a flavonoid apigenin, which can stop the growth of tumors. Owing sodium, lowers the blood pressure and level of the hormone in the organism, which narrows the blood vessel. Celery soup is great for people who want to lose weight, because it saturates and absorbs water. Always use the leaves because they contain potassium and vitamin C.


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