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ADF – alternate day fasting diet

Whenever the word mentioned starvation diets or strict diet most of us lose the will and the desire to hold the same. Today we talk about intermittent fasting diet (Alternate day fasting – ADF), its advantages and disadvantages.

intermittent fasting diet

Starvation diets are usually subjected to those who want to lose weight in a very short period of time, usually before an important event not to whom they want to shine. This diet on which you now talk means, in a way very rigorous fast, or every other day. Some studies have shown it can be effective not only for losing weight but also to improve health.

Starvation – rigorous fast

Diet includes rigorous fast and may not be the safest and most practical, but certainly effective and with the help of them you will certainly lose weight. Some of these diets are used for weight loss while others just want to do detoxification of the whole body, though many experts say that our bodies have all the necessary equipment to do it alone and that they do not need extra help.

When you fast, your body reaches for energy supplies in order to ensure the necessary energy so that weight loss is inevitable, but the question is how much you succeed to maintain target weight because our bodies are programmed to reverse the effects of fasting / starvation. When you eat less your metabolism will become slower to save energy when they would return to a regular diet may result in accumulation of weight and returning to the old.

Diet intermittent fasting

When it comes to dieting ADF things are completely different. This diet involves intermittent fast which means that one day you eat whatever you want until the next day, eat less of only 600 calories for men and 500 for women, and the most surprising is that during the day when you can eat what you want no restrictions.

Studies have shown that such a diet will not only help to remove weight obese but will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. With the help of these diets reduce your overall calorie intake which will certainly facilitate weight loss.

Although there are no guidelines what should you eat during the day when you fast, please note that meals contain enough fruit, vegetables, complete grains, dairy products with less fat and protein.

Diet for longevity

Some studies have found a link between reduced caloric intake and longevity because in this way reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

Another study reported that skipping meals once a month as they do in the Mormon religion greatly reduces the risk of clogged arteries, but it is not proven that the fast what Mormons or healthier overall lifestyle.

Medical advice

Before you start any kind of fasting you should consult with your doctor, because if you are pregnant, drink certain medications or suffer from diabetes, restrictive diets are not the best choice for you.

Although the fast in many religions practiced for centuries, and its impact on health and longevity is not one hundred percent scientifically proven, according to some experts. If you want to start off with the mail to make sure you’re getting enough healthy food and water.

What’s it like diet of 600 calories a day

If you’re wondering what to eat during the day to enter no more than 600 calories a proposal to bring you a one- day diet.

Breakfast – a cup of bitter black coffee + 2 hard-boiled egg. You can eat a slice of whole grain toast with a little unsalted butter, a cup of cappuccino and one almond.

Lunch – steak grilled chicken white meat without fat (90 g) and a cup of lettuce. Also you can make a salad of lettuce, low-fat cottage cheese, boiled egg, tomato and carrot.

Snack – unsaturated cup of black tea drinks with a cracker.

Dinner – 1 ¼ cup of shrimp with rice noodles give you about 299 calories, and you can make a salad of grilled chicken and brown rice in a quantity of 1 ¼ cups.

During the day of fasting:

  • Base important to the consumption of raw or steamed vegetables
  • Eat less fatty meat and fish, dairy products with little or no fat
  • Processed sugars out completely

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