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Treatments for hair that should not be performed during pregnancy

Notwithstanding the second state, every pregnant woman without exception wants to be beautiful and nourished during this vital period. However, before heading out to a hairdresser to take care of your hair you should read what treatment should be avoided during pregnancy.

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Today we reveal to you what you should avoid, but also the treatment that can be used without any fear.

Do not go overboard with chemicals. During pregnancy a woman’s body goes through many hormonal changes and this is well known, and it may affect the way the body processes chemicals and products. For this reason, you might want to avoid products full of chemicals during these nine months. This way you protect your baby from possible contamination with chemicals that your body simply does not know how to cope.

Do not paint your hair during the first quarter. This problem is a story for decades. The first trimester of pregnancy is certainly the most sensitive and therefore would be ideal to avoid coloring during this period. Many organizations emphasize that the coloring is quite safe in late pregnancy, but there are doctors who are not tend to disagree and believe that the use of such chemicals should be postponed until after delivery.

Use conditioners and packaging. During pregnancy, the hair could be drier than usual, which can lead to excessive cracking and falling. For this reason is allowed to put on the hair of the package or to undergo treatments with hot oil. But even in this, do not overdo it once a month will be quite enough. In the meantime, feel free to use your normal conditioner.

Read product labels. It is important to always read the labels, but especially during pregnancy. Many products contain many harmful chemicals and substances that should not be exposed to during pregnancy. Even products labeled “organic” may contain some harmful ingredients. Consult with your doctor to what substance you should particularly pay attention.

Treat yourself to a massage of the head and hair. As already mentioned, the hair during pregnancy can be quite dry and therefore should not put oil 3-4 times a week. Also head massage stimulates production of natural sebum and therefore ask the hairdresser to afford a massage.

Hair care products should not be neglected in pregnancy, but it is important to adjust the state in which you are located. Currently, there are really a lot of options that are safe for pregnant women, ask what are safe for you and your baby, and use them in those nine months. After childbirth and postpartum period everything will slowly return to you and your hair will return to the state it was before.

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