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Yoga helps in stomach problems

Digestive problems, such as the feeling of acid in the stomach, gas, or irritable bowel syndrome, may be more or less painful. Some of the yoga poses can help relieve symptoms of stomach, whether it is on a rare chair or constipation, as well as many other problems. 

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Get rid of the gas
Some positions may cause relaxation of the digestive tract, which helps the amount of gas in the stomach is smaller. Relaxed and slightly modified version poses a “bridge” encourages muscle relaxation buttocks and pelvic muscles. The objective is to relax the pelvis chamber. Stay in this position from 30 to 60 seconds. The exercise finished breath, and a smooth ride back to the floor.


For this problem by using the positions “Malasana” or “garland”. It is, in fact, the squatting position, with heels on the floor. “Pasasana” is a variation of this pose with a turn in a squatting position (for advanced), which will help you to relax and stretch out the hose. Wait 30 to 60 seconds, then breathe and stand up straightening your knees.

Massage stomach
For abdominal massage, stand up straight, and then create the position of “chairs” – and retracts the stomach and eject it forward. At the same time, do not cramp your shoulders or jaw, than to relax. Little easier exercise is to lie on your back and raise your legs making the letter “T”, and then let both legs fall to one and then the other side of the body. And in this pose it’s okay to remain in that 30 to 60 seconds. Finally straighten your knees with breathing air, and strongly correct. Exhale and lower your arms next to the body.

Irritable bowel

Painful digestive problems sometimes manifest in constipation or diarrhea, accompanied by cramps. The most important thing to overcome this pain is to stretch and relax the area around the pelvis. For it is recommended to pose “hamper bada konasana “consists in the fact that you lie down on the floor, place a pillow or rolled blanket under both hips. Connect soles pointing toward each other, knees bent. For starters, stay in this position for one minute, and gradually increase from five to ten minutes.

The feeling of acid in the stomach
Yoga breathing can help in eliminating nuisance when you feed up from the stomach into the esophagus. Sometimes this problem can be solved by calming the nervous system through the so-called breathing from the stomach.

Lie on the floor and breathe deeply so that your belly rises and falls as you breathe in and breathe out. If you are not yet able to take a break and lie down on the floor, this exercise can still be done during the day. Sit and breathe (corrected back, sternum raise, knees below hips). In this way, the air enters deeper. It is also advised a lot of movement. Sitting in one position each day is detrimental to the organism. Then the metabolism slows down, and the heart rate and oxygen levels. Breathing should be a movement of each cell in the body, says Leslie Howard, yoga teacher from San Francisco.

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