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How to keep your tan?

If you have a short vacation or do not have the money for a long stay at sea, a few tricks will help you in the coming few more weeks to look like you just came from the beach.

women sunbath - tan

To get a tan, first of all, it is necessary to make a good base – make a quality body scrub that will remove all the dead skin cells. The skin will therefore easier and faster darken and you will keep the color longer. Of course, be careful about how to protect high factor so as not to get burned.

Skin after sun needs additional protection cream for sun, and recommended care and bath every couple of days to add olive oil or coconut. Avoid harsh soaps to wash in the shower or not to remove the paint from the body.

After you exit the sea, do not really rub terry towel – let the sun dry, and the effect can increase it by the wet skin, apply baby oil to the body.

In the end, eat food full of carotenoids – carrots, tomatoes, peppers, melons, peaches and also orange and green food.


Photo by Giacomo Carena / CC BY

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