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Pritikin diet

The basic principle of this popular diet is specific balance of dietary protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Pritikin diet - vegetables and fruit

Pritikin diet is a totally new relationship between the three basic groups of nutritious substances: proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Proteins make up 10-15% of total daily calories, fat, up to 10%, and carbohydrates to 80%. During the diet are allowed all kinds of vegetables, fresh fruit, cereal and flour products: bread, pasta, without adding oil, sugar, fat and eggs, all legumes, potatoes, egg whites, skim milk, yogurt, low fat cheese, poultry and fish.

Prepare a meal of cooked or raw foods. Removal of all types of grease, oil, butter and margarine you to exactly this diet does not have a real competitor in lowering levels of cholesterol and fats in the blood. Before the start of the diet check your cholesterol before starting a diet and 3 or 6 months after its full compliance. You will be surprised from the effect.

To Pritikin diet is properly implemented, it should be borne in mind a few rules. In fact, eat several times a day so you do not feel hunger because in this case easily comes to losing motivation and giving up the diet. It is wrong to leave out some of the daily meals. On the contrary, for every day you should anticipate three meals and two snacks that may include corn flakes, salad or piece of fruit. Better results this diet, without doubt, contributes to physical activity.

Before you decide on a diet and started the new dosing regimen required, consult your doctor.

Meat. Meat that is recommended is fish and poultry. Be sure to remove the skin from the meat and remove all the fatty parts. You should eat the meat grilled or boiled.

Legumes. Beans, peas, lentils and soybeans are allowed because they are plant sources of protein and a source of fiber, fermentable substances multiply beneficial to the organism. Eat legumes at least once, and preferably three times a week. Due to the higher calorific value of the allowed amount is 1 / 2-3 / 4 kg per week.

Eggs. Egg yolk is a significant source of cholesterol, and egg white does not contain fat, and a source of the essential amino acids. In the course of holding the Pritikin diet, it’s recommended seven whites week.

Fruits and vegetables. All kinds of vegetables are allowed in unlimited quantities (at least twice a day), they can be eaten raw or cooked. Potatoes can be eaten daily. Permitted are all kinds of seeds and grains, but they should be taken into account because the amount of higher calorific value. Portions of fruits are recommended to five times a day. Per day is permitted and a glass of juice without sugar.

Bread and cereals. Allowed 5-6 slices of bread and rolls, and rice can you eat on a daily basis, as well as bran, barley, corn flakes, pasta, but without the addition of sugars, fats, oil and eggs. Of course, the advantage of having a rye and pumpernickel.

Dairy products. Since dairy products are permitted only skim milk and yogurt (1/4 liters a day), as well as lowfat cheese (30-50 g per day).

Candies. All kinds of sweets, as well as sugar, honey, jams, fruit syrups, are expressly prohibited.

Spices. Permitted are all kinds of spices. Mayonnaise, ketchup and sauces are not allowed. The use of salt, due to possible elevated high blood pressure, should be kept to a minimum. Whenever possible, replace it with other spices.

Drink. Allowed are mineral water and tea. Alcohol and types of beverages containing caffeine (coffee, coca-cola) is not recommended.

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