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Figure hourglass

Stunning actress cares very much about look, but special attention is paid to maintaining a narrow waist.

hourglass salma-hayek

The first thing everyone notices when you see the actress Salma Hayek in tight clothes, is its perfect, narrow waist, proportional to the rest of the body.

Stunning 48-year-old actress stands behind its position that it will not spend hours in the gym apparatus, but for the perfect line, taut skin and body flexibility combines yoga and pilates.

She’s very keen to have her figure hourglass shape, so the waist shape a light exercise:

Stand in width apart so that your feet are shoulder-width apart, hands and take one bottle of water or weights of 2 pounds.

Raise your arms above your head so as to be almost completely corrected. The hands should be facing forward.

Keep your hands in this position and bend from the waist to the right, using the muscles of the abdomen. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat the exercise 12 times on both sides. Be persistent in achieving the goal, and you will see the first results after a few days!

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