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Casual summer style

If you want to in the summer season have a new style, start from hair and beard.

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Although the trend bearded, during hot days stylists recommend look “of guys from Manhattan,” which are neatly trimmed and clean-shaven. Parting the hair act cute, but with a modern retro wardrobe will not operate.

Brad, you can also edit if carefully “draw” an outline around the face, so to act casual. Men with long hair and do not want to give up the chin should be during the summer that the shape trimmer. Just use it once in three or four days and will look “artistic casually”.

When it comes to clothes, choose light shades and relaxed cuts. Since only natural materials and pleasant, such as cotton and linen. With white or beige linen pants, you can perfectly match the plaid shirt, which is extremely popular and this, as the previous season. From footwear dial sandals, slippers and flip-flops for casual occasions or light, summer shoes that work elegantly in white and blue shades.

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