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Exercises for your body type

Get the most from exercise training adapting their structures. Let’s see how and in what parts of the body in particular, should pay attention. Identifies four types of the body, recognize and start practicing.

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Pear – If you have a pear-shaped body, belongs to the group of beauties such as Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys), Jennifer Love Hewitt (Jennifer Love Hewitt), Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez). Pear implies narrower upper part of the body in relation to the bottom. Therefore, hips and thighs are a central part, which, of course, you want to be slimmer and tighter, but you cannot ignore the part above the waist. Recommended exercises to strengthen the muscles in the arms and shoulders, as much as to tighten the buttocks, hips and thighs. The best solution as walking, running and cycling for 45 minutes, five to six days a week. This will not put much pressure on your knees, ankles and hips. When it comes to exercises to strengthen the muscles of the shoulder strap and hand, it is recommended to initially work with less weight and eventually the weight can increase. This type of structure is known as the triangle.

body shapes

Rectangle – Women with rectangle body shape, such as Cameron Diaz (Cameron Diaz) and Gwyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth Paltrow), can carry almost everything, but they do not have the typical feminine curves. The basic characteristics of this body are the shoulders and chest of the same (or nearly the same) size as the hips, waist and unstressed. When weight gain, the most problematic part of the stomach. In order to get curves, the women of this body should be special to focus attention on the tummy tuck or the abdominal muscles and remove excess fat from your waist. In this way emphasize the waist. In addition, you should increase buttock muscle mass, special exercises for the body, some of which are among the key squats. In addition, use the stairs instead of the elevator, one of the daily activities effective in tightening the buttocks. However, it is not enough to do the exercises for specific body parts, but it needs to be fully activated. In addition to sit-ups and squats, advising and running or walking on an incline, as well as cycling.

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Hourglass – The body in the form of an hourglass is considered ideal for harmonic measure. Implies a narrow waist and proportionate upper and lower body. Typical representatives of such carved figures are Beyoncé (Beyoncé), Scarlett Johnson (Scarlett Johansson) and Halle Berry (Halle Berry). Characteristic for them is that the pounds are distributed everywhere in weight gain. However, without regular exercise to tighten the entire body, with these girls is greater risk of weight gain especially around the thighs and upper arms. They are recommended as cardiac, and power training. Cardio exercises may include Zumba, classic cardio training (e.g. swimming), and bike. When it comes to strength training, representatives of this type should pay particular attention to strengthening the upper back.

body shapes

Athletic – Narrow hips and broad shoulders describe body type like that of the white Jessica (Jessica Biel). Characteristic for athletic physique is to strive towards a square figure. Representatives of these groups, it is difficult to find a suitable swimsuit because it usually happens when they are bathing the lower part dark, the above requires a higher number. Tummy tuck and exercises to shape your thighs and buttocks are the perfect complement to this already strong body. The good news is that athletic women tend to develop faster muscles and loose fat, thanks to their generally stronger metabolism. Therefore, it will not have too much difficulty in the selection of exercises for different body parts. Recommended exercises that do not necessarily require a lot of power and does not include more repetitions, such as running, step backwards, squat, lift legs and deadlift.

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