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Fungal infections in men

Fungal infections usually occur in women. Studies have shown that about 75% of women at least once during the life of suffering from fungal infections. There are few, but there are times when men also suffer from fungal infections.

fungal infections

The most common symptoms of fungal infection in men are:

  • itching and irritation of the penis
  • tight and chapped skin
  • white discharge
  • uneasy feeling during urination.

Fungal infections in men, if it starts to timely cure, takes about a week. During this period it will be necessary to minimize the intake of sugar and alcohol. You will need to increase the intake of probiotics. If you are in a relationship, both partners should apply the cream for the treatment of fungal infections.

When you belong to a risk group?

Men who suffer from diabetes

The higher the proportion of sugar in the blood and urine, the greater the risk of fungal infections. Studies have shown that men who suffer from diabetes often fighting against fungal infections.

Uncircumcised men

Several studies have shown that uncircumcised men have a higher risk of fungal infections. Men who are circumcised feel much milder symptoms.

Men with a weakened immune system

A weakened immune system increases the risk of a number of conditions and diseases, including fungal infection. For consistently strong immune system to live healthy: regular exercise, introduce healthy eating habits and enough sleep.

Men who are taking antibiotics

As with women, the risk of fungal infections increases if you are taking antibiotics. It is a completely normal phenomenon which occurs because of an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the body.

Although yeast infection does not officially considered a sexually transmitted disease, and 12 to 15% of men are infected by a partner who has a yeast infection.

Prevention of fungal infections

Several studies have shown that there are effective ways to help prevent fungal infections. The best way to effectively prevent yeast infection is to follow the advice and instructions given to you by a doctor.

Use a condom

As well as sexually transmitted diseases, fungal infection is often transmitted through sexual contact.

Adopt healthy eating habits

Healthy eating habits include moderate consumption of foods that have no nutritional value (sweets, snacks, soft drinks) and increasing the intake of foods rich in nutritional values ​​(fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, fish).

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