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You should not eat this if you want a flat stomach

Here are a few tips that help you to reduce stomach bloating and get flat stomach.

flat stomach

With a well-known rule of drinking large quantities of water have to keep an eye on your diet.

1. Avoid salt

Due to the consumption of large amounts of salty foods is retained in the body of the excess water. Therefore avoid salt and foods with a lot of sodium.
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2. Do not eat carbs

Forget the pasta and bread because they are not foods that you should eat if you want to lose excess fat in the abdomen. Eat foods that are rich in protein.

3. Reduce your intake of milk

Fan of milk a day and drink more than a pint? This could be one of the reasons why you are constantly swell and you have gas. Reduce intake of milk and instead eat yogurt or a couple of slices of hard cheese.

4. Cut hot spices from the diet

Very spicy food causes increased secretion of acid in the stomach and causes irritation that will not help in losing excess body fat. Rather choose fresh herbs with a mild taste.

5. Give up coffee, alcohol, processed foods and sugar

These foods should not be part of your diet during this diet because it does not help to lose fat but potentate its accumulation and retention in the body.

6. Choose the right fruits

While these are healthy fruits, avoid apple or pear because it has more fructose stomach so they tend to digest. Eat citrus fruits and berries.

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