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What is best for weight loss?

If you regularly run, you probably have a high level of physical activity and watch what and when you eat.

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If the reason for you practice is to lose excess pounds, you’ve probably started to ask what type of exercise will give you the best results: endurance training (long run) and strength training (lifting weights).

A recent survey, whose results were published in the Journal of Applied Physiology reveals that with decreasing calorie intake, type of exercise is not so much an important factor when it comes to losing excess weight.

The study included 96 obese men and women who followed the exercise program and diet for a period of 22 weeks. Participants were divided into four different groups, depending on the type of exercises. All participants are practicing three times a week and followed the diet plan, which was based on reducing calorie intake.

At the end of the study, all participants lost a number of extra pounds. Among all was observed a significant loss of fat tissue. It can be concluded that the type of exercise really played no role when it comes to any weight loss.

This research confirms the thesis that the most effective way to reduce the number of excess weight actually reducing calorie intake while increasing the level of physical activity. If you regularly run, but you probably have a high level of physical activity and watch what and when you eat.

But there are ways to further increase lose weight. Follow these tips to lose weight as soon as possible, but keep the slenderness:

  • Always use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Every hour walk or stand for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • During the breaks do several repetitions of exercises power.
  • Use breaks for walking.

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