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How to lose the last five pounds

You lost a lot of weight and you step to the perfect weight, but last few pounds do not give you peace? Here’s the solution?

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We’ll show you how with a few little tricks you can reduce your intake of calories and get rid of the those last stubborn pounds.

  1. In the morning in coffee put artificial sweetener and milk with a lower percentage of fat and in a month you would enter 3,600 calories less.
  2. If you exit the elevator one floor before, in a month you will lose 1,500 calories.
  3. Iron the shirt, wipe the floors without the help mop, clean the house with a broom, not a vacuum cleaner and it makes you 1,420 calories less.
  4. Remove the sausage on your pizza or take one for vegetarians and reduce your calories by 480.
  5. Take your time to shop, walk around and see racks. Let it be a kind of exercise. This will be another 600 calories less.
  6. Lovers of mayonnaise, remove favorite prayer from use for a month and take out as much as 3,000 calories.
  7. Replace industrial juices with fresh juices that you make at home or plain water. You reduce your intake by a whopping 6,000 calories.
  8. Play badminton, the weather is nice, take your kids to the nearby park, have fun, and along the way you lose 900 calories.

When all add up to one month will burn around 17,500 calories, which is enough to get rid of the last few pounds. You must admit that it is not difficult?

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