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The best way to prepare for a stressful day: Practice in the afternoon and sleep enough

Exercising after work and enough sleep are the best way to prepare for a stressful day, says a new German study. This way you will avoid exhaustion and I’ll survive a grueling day at work.

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Although most people with jobs going right towards the sofa, experts advise to immediately go to jogging, swimming or riding a bike, and that only after that take a bed in a hug.

Pre stressful day employees should be active. Our research has shown that pre hectic and stressful day at work, people need to practice and sleep more than usual – says Inga Nigel, author of the study.

Exercise affects mood and efficiency, but also draws energy and requires a certain time to recover.

Therefore, it is good to combine exercise and rest.

In the study participated 144 workers, aged 22-64 years, who worked 38 hours a week. They are all at least once a week exercising. During five days, led the diaries of what they were doing at work, what they were doing when they went back to work and how much they slept.

Then the researchers measured by their efficiency at work, the speed and manner of thinking and optimism. It turns out that all these aspects are improved if the participants slept the previous day longer than you usually sleep. Participants spent an average of 24 minutes for practice, and slept an average of 6 hours and 40 minutes each night.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that a longer sleep after exercise, and before a hard day keeps the physical and mental health of employees, which means that employees their jobs usually end during working hours and rarely stay longer at work.

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