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Causes of hair loss

We all know that men are more prone to premature hair loss. However, women often have problems with excessive hair loss, and the reasons may be various, from simple to much more complex, even life-threatening.

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Physical stress

Any form of stress, physical trauma or serious illness can cause hair loss. Hair has its own life cycle: growth, resting and falling off. When you’re under a lot of stress level, the life cycle of hair is distracted and it takes a lot faster in the phase of decline.


Pregnancy is just one example of the physical forms of stress that can cause hair loss. Hair loss is more common after childbirth than during pregnancy. Childbirth is a pretty stressful event, while women start noticing a sudden loss of hair just 2-3 months after delivery.

Too much vitamin A

Excessive intake of vitamin A can cause hair loss. Through diet is excessively difficult to enter vitamin A, it is much more common in people taking supplements. It is very important that before you start taking any supplements consult your doctor.


Not taking the contraceptive pill, sudden hormonal changes that occur due to various factors (pregnancy, menopause) can cause hair loss, and the probability is even greater if you have a family cases of premature hair loss.

Emotional stress

In relation to physical stress, emotional stress a lot less likely to cause hair loss, but that does not mean it’s not possible. Sometimes we are exposed to stressful periods such as divorce, death of a loved one or care of a helpless neighbor. All this can cause premature hair loss.


1 in 10 women aged 20-49 years suffer from anemia, iron deficiency in the blood (it is the most common form of anemia). Anemia in most cases, causing loss of hair, as well as its decline. All this can be prevented by adequate intake of iron.

Sudden weight loss

Sudden weight loss is a form of physical trauma that can cause thinning of the hair and its decline. This can occur even when the weight loss is recommended by experts. You have no undue cause for concern because after weight loss over a period of 6 months to recover hair.


It is not uncommon to see a woman in the fifties or sixties with a weakened and thinning hair. Experts are not sure why this happens, but believe they have the leading role of hormonal changes during menopause. Fortunately, studies have shown that hair loss caused by aging, largely can be prevented with proper nutrition.

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