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What the world eats for Christmas?

The party is often regarded as the usual Christmas Dinner, but it is on the menu appeared around 1650, after Europe has colonized North America. The bird is named after the traders from Turkey (Türkei). Before that, swans, geese, peacocks and pigs were associated with Christmas.

Christmas Dinner in usa

The traditional Christmas dinner as we know, in other cultures seems different.


Christmas is in mid-flight and lunch is often a barbecue, steak, ice cream or sorbet for dessert, perhaps on the beach.

Czech Republic

A traditional dish eaten on Christmas Eve and consists of fish soup, salads, eggs and carp.


The traditional Christmas dinner consists of macaroni, beets, carrots and potatoes with ham or turkey. Mixed platter of meat and fish are also popular. After a traditional meal to have a sauna and then to visit the graves of relatives.


Roast goose’s favorite Christmas meal with potatoes, cabbage, carrots, fish and pickles. The dish is usually eaten on Christmas Eve.


Christmas dinner may include seabirds that look like penguins, seals, wrapped in skin.


Christmas lunch may consist of seven dishes, including appetizer, pasta, meat, two salads, sweet puddings followed by cheese, fruit, brandy and chocolate.


The traditional Christmas dinner includes rice, Gung peas, chicken, ox tail and skin.


Christmas dinner is cooked brown peas with bacon sauce, little pies, cabbage and sausage.


Christmas meal is eaten on Christmas Eve and includes cod, pork chops, meat loaf and a Christmas special sausages.


In particular, the Christmas meal is salted dry cod with boiled potatoes is eaten at midnight on Christmas Eve.


Christmas food includes cakes, pies and dumplings with meat.

South Africa

Christmas is a time for the hot summer season, the traditional turkey is eaten for dinner with all the trimmings.


The meal on Christmas Eve include shellfish, pork, cooked and raw herring, caviar, cheese and brown beans.

United Kingdom

Christmas pudding and pies are the most common choice.


Christmas lunch is a goose, turkey, various vegetables, zucchini, pumpkin and pie.

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