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Women’s tears send a clear message to men: “Nothing from sex!”

If you are asking yourself about this act on a scientific level, the tears of the women, the answer is simple, “do not encourage”  them!

women tears

The results of research done at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Tel Aviv on the role tears play in non-verbal communication, suggest that a chemical in women’s tears in men decreases testosterone levels.

Without looking at any effect on sex drive, researchers are essentially hoping that their findings may one day be used to treat cancer.

“There are a number of diseases that are treated by the patient reduces the level of testosterone, the most prominent among them is prostate cancer,” explains Professor Noam Sobel from the Weizmann Institute’s, quoted by Lifescript.

The professor added that the current methods of reducing testosterone levels cause side effects, and he and his research team hope to make them with the help of tears could be eliminated.

Men who participated in the survey were asked to smell the tears of women who cried while watching sad movies.

Sobel said the researchers expected the tears of men to encourage a sense of empathy. Instead, their heart rate and breathing levels, testosterone levels and brain scans, have shown a decrease arousal.

Chemical signal in women’s tears is one way of saying “no, I’m not interested.”

“Communication is the key to survival. Humans, like all mammals, use smell in their communication. It’s very effective if you have a chemical signal transmitted to others around you what you want, and obviously you do not want, in sexual situations,” says Sobel.


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