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Does today’s teens have healthy eating habits?

We are witnessed that the new generation of teenagers are underweight or overweight. Unfortunately, there is minority of a teenager with a normal body weight.


The media more and more promote a healthy lifestyle, however, research has shown that though a small number of teenagers watch their diet. Of course, the important fact is that most of the things about a healthy lifestyle, we learn from our parents.

Young people are encouraged to exercise more, that requests more physical exercise, watch less TV and spend less time in front of a computer.

Studies have shown that:

  • body mass index is greater for teens than for teenage girls
  • girls eat more fruits and vegetables
  • boys do not skip breakfast, while the girls do
  • girls eat more sweets, while the boys drinking more sweetened beverages
  • weekly they exercise less than one hour.

The study does not make the news very well for themselves on the streets, we can notice that a new generation of mainly consuming fast food and eat fruit once a week. For us older people is to show younger generations how the diet is really important. It’s not about looks but about their health. Especially when we live in a time where there are more people with cancer. The number of young people affected by cancer is on the rise. For a very simple reason, they do not give the body what it needs to fight against various pests.

Decide for a healthy lifestyle today and support and teach your children what to drink and eat!


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