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It’s possible! Look 10 years younger in just 10 minutes

Small changes in the makeup and clothing will do wonders for your appearance. Read what you need to do to be hired younger 10 years….

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Use a primer (base makeup)

Women make the mistake when applied large amounts of make-up hoping to look younger. It actually gives the opposite effect and makes you older. If you want to rejuvenate buy primer in color. Apply it to the cheeks and forehead to your loose skin looked tighter.

Apply concealer under the eyes

One of the reasons why you look older is the dark circles that are more stand out over the years. Concealer will help hide dark circles and blemishes. Also, do not overdo it with concealer to avoid the color difference.

Choose a dress according to body type

It will not only rejuvenate but makeup and clothing. Many women stop paying attention to the clothing worn by the years that makes you look older. That’s why you wear what makes you comfortable, giving you confidence, yet not too formal.

Remove the hair from her face

While waxing and hopping are not at all pleasant, as your face is clean it currently looks a few years younger. Waxing upper lip, eyebrow, removing superfluous hair from the cheeks will make your face smooth and young.

Change hairstyle

Once a youthful appearance pure illusion. This illusion can create by changing her hairstyle and try something new. Start a tie or a haircut the pageboy that gives the appearance of the girls.

Use a corset

The perfect thing for women in the year that your line seems tighter, and therefore gives your body a youthful look.

Use a face mask

If you want to rejuvenate ten years, and that this process does not involve a bunch of make-up you regularly use face masks. Before applying the mask have completed a scrub to refine pores, and then feed them.

Use a lighter color lipstick

Dark lipsticks will highlight all the troubled region Nava’s face. Pastel, mat and light shades of lipstick are an absolute “must have” if you want to look young.


Last but not least. The power of a smile is very underrated by many women. Face with a smile will rejuvenate you for 10 minutes, it immediately!


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