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How full moon affects the body

Did you notice that during full moon you feel different, poorer sleep and irritable? Many people around the world believe in the influence of the full moon, and we are now discovering what the science says it all. Is there evidence or just empty beliefs.

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While that astrologers often contribute to the full moon they can not seem to connect with the state of your emotions, but there are several ways in which it affects the human body. Here’s what they are and do not worry it’s not about werewolves and witches.

It can affect your cycle. One study followed 826 women’s menstrual cycles, and with them 28 percent of the cycle is started during the full moon compared to 8-12 per cent of women who cycle began during other lunar phases. Research has discovered a strong link between the lunar and menstrual cycles, but research is in that regard that precisely how the moon affects the hormones remained unclear.

Protects your heart. No matter what your horoscope says, the full moon can be good for the health of your heart. Research conducted in Germany was accompanied by even 16 000 cardiovascular patients and found that the number of heart attacks declines drastically three days after the new moon. You wonder why? This may well have to do with gravity, because the gravitational force is much stronger during the full and new moon during and may have a beneficial effect on blood circulation and heart rate.

It affects sleep. If in the morning you are feeling more tired than usual, feel free to blame the moon. The Swiss study found that people on a full moon in the average weight falling asleep, sleep 20 minutes less and have even 30 minutes less deep sleep. If you think that the cause was just what the full moon shines something stronger, you’re wrong. The studies that have been conducted on this topic were carried out in rooms where can not reach moonlight, and this has prompted scientists to discover cycle-lunar rhythm that affects the sleep habits, but has not specifically demonstrated how it affects month.

Helps you recover more quickly. If you recently got to go on an operation plan to be a full moon. According to research undergone a Rhode Island, the patients who are operated on a full moon has much faster recovery and less risk of complications.

Notwithstanding all of the above is still no evidence that confirm the influence of a full moon on emotions and mental health, but also can not deny that the circulation of the planet affects the health of the heart, circulation, sleeping, menstrual cycle and hormones, but also on the way that the body regenerates. On the other hand, when it is all put together so it must affect the emotions.

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