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Healthy eating against diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a disorder of glucose, lipids and proteins in the blood and wrong treatment leads to complications.

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Complications are possible in the eyes, heart and kidneys. Often comes to accelerated atherosclerosis and increased blood pressure, peripheral circulatory disorders with cramps and pain in the legs, as well as damage to the conduction of impulses through the peripheral nerve fibers.

There are several forms of diabetes, but the most common are diabetes mellitus type 2 (T2DM), which was initially independent of insulin, occurring after 35, most often after the age of 55 and is most often associated with obesity. Diabetes mellitus type 1 (DM type 1) occurs at younger than 35 years and in the beginning and the end of life depends on insulin.

Will DM type 2 occur depends on the age, gender, hereditary factors, and hypercaloric diet with less fruit and vegetables and consequent obesity, physical inactivity, chronic exposure to stress, cigarette smoking, reckless use of alcohol and twelve years before the diagnosis of type 2 DM, the disease already exists, but it does not. Even in this period can occur complications such as heart attack or stroke.

Primary prevention includes fostering a healthy life, elimination of obesity, the use of fruits and vegetables, control of blood pressure and diet. Secondary prevention of type 2 DM is early diagnosis and proper treatment.

The treatment of diabetes include:

– Proper nutrition
– Physical Activity
– Avoid Stress
– Avoid smoking cigarettes
– Avoid excessive use of alcohol
– Use of drugs
– The timely introduction of insulin therapy
– Control of the effectiveness of therapy

4 factors of preventing

– Control of abdominal obesity
– Hyper calorie diet (Mediterranean food with more fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil, cooking with no burning, no frying, food with less sweets and junk food)
– Regular checks of blood pressure, the recommended blood pressure less than 130 / 85mmHg
– Physical activity individually dosed, every day (at least every other day), long enough, and the corresponding intensity


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