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Exercise during break in the long run

Long hours of sitting and driving, which sometimes can be added and uncomfortable seats, the main causes of back pain and fatigue. Here are a few exercises that are done in between long rides to discomfort while driving to a minimum, and made ​​the trip as comfortable. The exercises are done in a standing position.

driver driving break

Lowering torso

Cross your legs, slowly lowering the torso to the ground. Relax body as much as possible, while the knee remains tight. Maintain the position for 10-15 seconds.

Bending the side

Straddle position, arms overhead. Bend the body at one and then the other side of the border comfort.

Raising a hand

Straddle position, hands placed behind. Raise hands upwards while bending the head and neck to the chest. Maintain the position of ten seconds.


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