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Child obesity

Obesity is defined as an excessive accumulation of adipose tissue. Obesity is present when the total weight is higher than 25% fat in boys and more than 32% fat in girls.


The causes of weight gain:

  • Family: a key to maintaining the child’s body weight, if in the family there is no proper eating habits, there is a greater possibility that a child will be obese. A child absorbs all, if a child sees parents eat “fast food” and it will reach for it.
  • Physical activity: children spend more and more time watching TV and on social networks like facebook, which results in low mobility and thickness.
  • Legacies: unhealthy food, a little move and have someone in the family to have a problem with weight, then genes working against you and know that you will gain weight.


  • Try like a parent for your children and change eating habits. Do not use the microwave, try to find in books and on the internet recipes for dishes that you can save yourself at home. Let your diet is rich with fruits and vegetables. It is very easy to save vegetable soup, you need half an hour.
  • Encourage your children to spend as much time outdoors in the fresh air. To lose weight, it is not necessary to go to the gym, just a little stroll in nature every day and you will make a big thing for you and your child.


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