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CAUTION: These 5 things your toothpaste should not contain!

In most cases, the ingredients of toothpaste are filled with cryptic names. You must keep in mind that some of them are very harmful to health.

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In the future when buying toothpaste, see the ingredients that it contains. But what you must remember is to have your teeth cleaned more than brushing toothbrush toothpaste. Cosmetic dentistry brings five ingredients that your toothpaste can not contain.

Sodium lauryl sulphate

In toothpastes, sodium lauryl sulfate is placed to strengthen toothpaste and help her to foam like soap, and also gives a sense of purity. Some of the disadvantages of the use of this ingredient are and what causes cancer and ulcers in the mouth.

Abrasives / whitening toothpastes

As many as 50% of this ingredient contains typical toothpaste. However, tooth enamel is aggressive abrasives (especially in toothpaste for whitening) may be damaged. Our advice is to be as careful when using extreme bleach for teeth.

Sodium fluoride

In smaller doses, fluoride prevents tooth decay, but it can have harmful effects when ingested. Swallowing toothpaste is prone children and ‘overdose’ toothpastes water poisoning, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea.


In toothpaste, glycerin is an oil made ​​from natural sources such as coconut oil. However, if you stick to your teeth to remove it takes them a few times. Could lead to remineralization in the case of glycerin remain on the teeth.

Paint / triclosan

In toothpastes they are using many colors including one that is associated with behavioral disorders.


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