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Can UV rays eliminate allergy to peanuts?

Latest news on the topic of allergies say that all those who are allergic to peanuts in the near future will be able to freely enjoy snack and it’s all because of UV rays. What is it all about?


In the United States, almost two million people suffer from allergies to peanuts, but when it comes to children, in the period from 1997-2008 the number of allergy has tripled. Scientist Wade Yang, University of Florida discovered a very interesting way to allergic to peanuts allow that without any fear consume this food.

Yang used a lighting system so that the beam of UV light focused directly into peanuts and modified proteins inside the fruit that are responsible for allergic reactions. In fancy system works on the basis lamps filled with xenon, and once the peanut proteins modified human antibodies are no longer detectable as an allergen and no release of histamine.

To peanuts was completely safe for food allergens must be eliminated to some extent. Yang aims to eliminate 99.9 allergens from peanuts, but for now, he argues that by removing the 150 mg protein per peanuts and to below 1, 5 mg, for allergic to peanuts was 95 percent sure.
He says that this process proves that pulsed light can deactivate allergens proteins from peanuts and has a great potential in alleviating allergic reactions to peanuts.

What happens in the laboratory during the process:

  • Pulsed UV light is used to inactivate allergens from peanuts.
  • The UV light removes 80 percent of allergens from peanuts.

One day using this method will be able to remove 99 percent of allergens, according to Wade Yang.

Yang is on this technique started working in 2012 using peanut extract when the extract has eliminated 90 percent of dangerous allergens, and this year is the same technique decided to apply to the whole fruit peanuts. This is of great importance because the whole fruit peanuts used in the manufacture of a wide-spread peanut butter. According to some statistics, the peanut is the most popular nut and occupies two thirds of spending among them.

“This latest research involving UV light is a step towards solving the problem completely,” says Yang.

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