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Do not ask him, discover yourself

Body language is much louder and more direct than real, so you should pay attention to what you see and ignore what you hear.

body language men and women

Body language represents almost 80 percent of communication, so that by it you can conclude much more than what you hear, and among others to like you if someone or not. What’s more, if you pay attention, even “subtle” signs such as winks will not be needed …

If it touches the face, such as licking the lips, rubbing his chin and passing his fingers through his hair, subconsciously you draw attention to yourself, just like women when they like a man.

Uncontrolled raising eyebrows is the second sign of interest, because in this way its about getting more visual information about you while playing the glass, inside the car or fixing clothes just adds fuel to the fire.

When you are with all of the above and always leans towards you, going into personal space, and his feet were directed toward you, you can be sure that you have won.

Photo by Jason Devaun CC BY

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