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What you need to know before you get baby

No matter how much reading, inform and investigate anything we can not fully prepare for the arrival of a new family member and will always be surprises that nobody told you. Here is a list of things that you must know before you have kids.


This list of information compiled by the mother Deanna Verbouwing from the site Modernmom and we are sure will be of great benefit to all young mothers or those who are yet to become.

Deanna says that at the time when their first child, she took the hand I realized that there is nothing so clean, beautiful and captivating as what was at that moment I felt the smell of a newborn it is simply fascinated that her husband said she should have three children.

After the initial enthusiasm occurred is sobering because it take into account the small creature that depends entirely on you is not simple, and so is Deanna met with all the facts related to motherhood that she never told anyone, so she decided to share them with all confused young mothers.

What every woman should know before having baby

1. You will not sleep, even if you are before the birth of the baby slept like a log when the baby is born you will not be able to, not only because of the baby crying and waking but also because of the information that you receive from doctors, the media and everyone else.

2. Small freaking baby. For babies look just like people, one day, the mood, the second day were surly, one day there is hot, the other day they were cold, one day I can not eat anything – the second day you can not get enough of … Prepare to let and the babies have their moods and of great help will be to initially adjust and do not impose their own schedules.

3. Select only two to three people from whom you seek advice, because if too many people you asked for an opinion will be confused.

4. You’ll be forgetful and make peace with it, but do not worry, it happens almost all the moms.

5. Trust yourself!

6. You are going to make mistakes, but that’s just fine. Don’t have feelings of guilt.

7. Do not compare your child with other children, even with brothers and sisters.

8. All the heavy phase you are going through will pass and keep in mind, unable to sleep, quitting sucking, getting used to the potty, puberty – all this will pass just bear with me.

9. Trust your instincts. You might initially be difficult to rely on them and to recognize them, but be sure to have a maternal instinct even if you do not do so.

10. When you leave the baby to someone for safekeeping (mother in law, mum) can not be “control freak” let the grandmother to take care of your grandchild as they think they need and how they know best.

11. You are not alone in our belief that the goal you want to achieve with the children acting as a liberation.

12. Feeding Bottle, breastfeeding, cereals, fruits, vegetables and all the rest, feeding children is a job and that you will enjoy the first few months while you only breastfeed your baby, but when you start introducing solid foods after six months, say hello to stress.

13. Listen to your child, be it a baby, toddler or three years old because you listening carefully to learn much more.

14. At one point you will become a walking tissues and therefore invest in a good washing machine and stain removers.

15. Children growing at an incredible rate. It may sound as a phrase, but it really is so. Enjoy your children as much as you can.
luring love

16. Dirty laundry does not end with that must come to terms. Anything you can do to manage in the best way possible.

17. Prepare yourself that you will use every emotion your child live as well as what, if not stronger.

18. Take care of yourself and always take some time you tune in. Read a book, watch a movie, walk, treat yourself to a treatment in a beauty parlor.

19. Do not box kids, let it be its because they have their oseobnosti and nteresovanja to be perhaps completely concur with yours.

20. With the child will understand what is unconditional love. Yes, you love your partner, parents, friends, brothers and sisters, but none of it can not be compared with what you feel about your child. It’s inexplicable, really, irresistible and somewhat exhausting love.

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