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Ultrasound examinations during pregnancy – what is normal

Regular ultrasound examinations should be part of every pregnancy and it should be done as many times as you that your doctor recommends. We discover what you can expect from ultrasound exams, what is normal and what is not.

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During each ultrasound examination by your doctor, he takes certain measures for fetus to make sure whether the baby is developing as it should. One common measure to be taken is the length of the fetus from the coccyx to the crown of the head, which is of great importance because it can use it to establish exactly how much you are pregnant in the first quarter. This measure helps to determine whether the fetus is developing properly in the earliest stages of pregnancy. The result is less than the length of the average may indicate that the embryo does not develop normally and that there are some chromosomal disorders and that woman is not pregnant as much as she thought, but something less.

In the second quarter of ultrasound, special attention is paid to the circumference of the head, abdomen and femur length, and these measures will be taken during each review because they are one of the indicators that the fetus is developing properly. There are certain limits for each week of pregnancy and until the measures coincide with the average there is no reason for concern. You have to worry when they rate much higher or much lower than the average. Under measures in the second and third trimester indicate that the baby from the placenta does not get all the necessary nutrients, while the baby is too large may mean prisutsvo diabetes or other conditions. Based on these measurements doctors pregnant women usually sent for further testing to determine exactly what is wrong.

Ultrasound examinations during pregnancy are very important because they help doctors to follow the course of pregnancy, as well as to timely detect a condition which can immediately be treated or prevented.

It is very important that you do not read your own results with the Internet but to listen to what the doctor tells you if it’s that there is no reason to worry, then do not continue to do “Googling”.

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