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Symptoms of low testosterone

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Lack of energy

Fatigue is a common symptom of lack of testosterone in the body. If you notice that you have less energy than usual, be sure to consult your doctor.

But other things can cause chronic fatigue, including aging and depression. Sufficient sleep will certainly help, so every day Sleep at least 7-8 hours.

Changes in sexual life

Lack of testosterone in the body often leads to reduced sexual desire and erectile dysfunction. Studies have shown that they are less and less frequent erections most common symptom of lack of testosterone in the body.

It is important to know that you should definitely see a doctor. Your sex life can once again become good with proper treatment.

Difficulties with concentration

Lack of testosterone can impair thinking and memory. You may notice that you have forgotten everything you have planned. This happens when the testosterone level is extremely low.

To alleviate this symptom, practice relaxation techniques. The greater the amount of stress hormones in the body, the lower the amount of testosterone.

Sudden changes in mood

Lack of testosterone can cause mood swings and depression. Some men notice changes in personality. Heavier become happy and no longer enjoy activities that they once rejoiced.

Changes in muscle

Testosterone promotes muscle building, and its deficiency can cause a decrease in the overall percentage of muscle mass.

Regular exercise can increase testosterone levels, but it is important to activate all muscle groups and doing strength exercises.

More body fat

In addition to causing loss of muscle mass, testosterone deficiency causes an increase in the overall percentage of body fat.

A healthy and balanced diet is important at any age and for any person, especially for men whose testosterone levels in the body is reduced.

Hair Loss

Lack of testosterone can cause hair loss, and other body hair, including facial hair, hands, lower legs and genital area.

The decrease in bone mass

Low testosterone is associated with osteoporosis, a disease that weakens the bones. To keep bones healthy, stop smoking and reduce your alcohol intake. Also start regular exercise and do not forget to exercise power.

Difficulties with sleep

When the level of testosterone in the body is too low you may notice that you have difficulty sleeping and you are quite restless during sleep.

To get an adequate amount of sleep, relax before going to bed. Dim the room, turn off all electronic devices and turn down all sounds.

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