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Is your child ready for a pet?

Pray if you your child to bring home a pet? If you feel comforted, rare are the kids who do not do that! However, sometimes it is not the best choice. This is no small decision, especially if you are thinking about a dog or cat. As much as that may be irresistible, you need to think twice.

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How can you be sure that your child is ready for the responsibility and care of another life? Pets are a great way to teach children to be responsible and learn how to care about someone.

What issues should be taken into account before the final decision?

Is the child responsible?

If your child is responsible, well-accepted routine duties such as garbage collection, cleaning the table after eating and maintaining orderly rooms are very big chance that they will take good care of the pet.

How the child is seriously about it that wants a pet?

About many pets at the end of neglected children because children get bored. When a pet comes into the family, it’s hard to be separated from him, so you will be prepared to take the responsibility. You must be sure that the child really really wants a pet, and it’s not a passing fad as favorite the next few years is an obligation.

Is the child prone to allergies?

If necessary, consult your pediatrician to make sure that the child is not allergic to some types of pets, or their fur or feathers. Also, most children love animals, but they do not know how to behave around them. Pay attention to how the child acts toward animals in the neighborhood. Is attentive and gentle? Maybe the rough and noisy? The animals are bothered!

How old is the child?

Experts advise that children under 5 years never alone do not take care of pets, especially reptiles because their immune system is not strong enough to defend itself from diseases that these pets can cause. Also, always wash your hands after touching a pet.

Generally, small mammals such as chinchillas, hamsters and mice are suitable for children over 8 years. Rabbits and small reptiles are suitable for children aged 10 years. High school students can take care of the fish, the larger reptiles and birds.

Dogs and cats fall into a slightly different category. If a child is naturally responsible, perhaps you should wait to fill at least 10 years, provided that the whole family is ready to divide the responsibility for a dog or cat as a child that, even if he wants, he will not be able to fully only.

Does your family travel often?

If you travel often, consider that they will have and your pets. Small mammals, birds, fish and reptiles can be a few days to be completely alone. However, if you’ll be away for a long time, you have to take them with you or ask a neighbor or neighbors to take care of them every few days.

Cats need care at least once a day to get food, a litter box should also be cleaned. Consider the neighbors or neighbor friendly to animals and will want to take this responsibility for a while.

As dogs are concerned, they are demanding. It would be best to take them with them or that is managed by one of the persons known to him since leaving the family dog ​​may pose some sort of shock. Also, if the dog is socialized, take into account the dog’s hotels that offer all-day care of the dogs.

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