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How to “survive” standstill during pregnancy

You’re pregnant, active, everything is all right and then suddenly you have to idle the complications due to childbirth? Unfortunately, it happens to many women. We bring you advice on how to easily pass a standstill in pregnancy.

pregnancy sleeping

In addition to being very stressful, lying in pregnancy can be very boring, once we tied to the bed, we can not do anything in which we enjoyed, and the days are long. Although the goal towards which we aspire most important in the world, this period can be quite difficult. We bring you a few tips that you might find helpful.

Create a schedule. Wake up at the same time, have breakfast at the same time, let your guests arrive at the same time … It may seem monotonous, but in this way the day will certainly go faster.

If you can, take a shower every day, get out of pajamas and wear clothes in which you could get out. The right hairstyle, našminkajte be. If you look good, so you will also feel.

As soon as you get up put away the bed, lift the blinds and let daylight shine on the room in which most reside. Enter flowers, lots of fresh flowers, because nothing raises the spirits as delightful bouquet.

If you have to lie most of the time, do it in different rooms because of environmental changes.

As often call friends and relatives to guests, it is very important to stay in touch with the outside world. Do not let them feel isolated. For this purpose, use the Internet and social networks. Connect to a forum, talk with women who have the same problems. Do not hesitate to ask for help from friends and family. Not only will it help you but will they feel better having a chance to help you.

This is a great time to finish some things you would not have arrived. Take accounts, reset the old photo albums and sundries. Learn something new. On the Internet, find courses drawing or sewing or simply learn a new language.

If you are able, as often treat yourself to a relaxing massage, it will certainly lighten the mood very quickly.

And finally, do not despair, we know it is not easy, but at the end of this time you put the best gift that will bring life.

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