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Healthy pregnancy during the winter

Pregnancy during the winter for many women is a problem. For pregnant women is of great importance that during the winter is increasingly conscious, ranging from skin care to the warm dressing. Here are a few tips that will make your pregnancy easier during cold days.

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Take care of yourself

Regular exercise is important in the winter as well as during other months. Keep up your exercise habits, but avoid exercises such as skiing and skating, you can fall and hurt yourself and your baby.

Do not clean the snow to avoid strain on the muscles of the back and abdomen. Remember that maintaining balance during pregnancy is extremely important, so invest in good quality shoes that will be safe for walking in winter conditions.

Beat the bad mood

Sudden changes in mood are characteristic for pregnant women, and in winter can be even more intense. If you are prone to depression during the winter, contact a specialist who will give you advice. Winter depression can win proper diet and exposure to fresh air in nature.

Eat smart and omega 3 fatty acids so that you eat at least two servings of fatty fish a week. Stay active as much as possible because it will stimulate the release of endorphins, hormones of happiness.

Take care of your skin

Changes in temperature, cold air and heating households can damage the skin, especially to pregnant women undergoing hormonal changes.

After every bath or shower lubricate the skin with moisturizing lotion. Avoid using hot water dries the skin further. Use hypoallergenic products, preferably with SPF.

Also, make sure the air quality in the household. It should not be too dry. Reduce the heat and use a humidifier to make your home more comfortable.

Get dressed in layers

Pregnant women go through hormonal changes that can occur suddenly. So at some point you may be cold, and in the second hot.

If you dress in layers, the easier it will be to cope with changes in body temperature, and therefore will be in a better mood and you will feel more comfortable.

Protect yourself from the flu

If you develop flu during pregnancy, putting the health of their babies at high risk. Experts repeatedly pointed out that the protection of pregnant women with influenza necessary. Consult with your doctor about adequate protection from the flu.

If you have contracted influenza, immediately visit a gynecologist who will refer you to the most appropriate method of treatment that will be best for you and your child.

You’re bringing a lot of water

Although temperatures are low, they can easily get dehydrated. The cold air dries the skin you also need to hydrate. Hormonal changes cause changes in body temperature and sweating may occur when water intake is essential.

Proper intake of water will hydrate your body, flush toxins, prevent urinary tract infections, speed up digestion and prevent the occurrence of constipation. Proper water intake will strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of flu and colds.

Eat right

Winter often causes cravings for unhealthy foods (sweets, fast food, snacks). On the nutrition you need to be careful to avoid excessive weight gain, which can cause various complications.
Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, foods rich in vitamin C, zinc and iron. All of this can be found in citrus fruits, broccoli and dark leafy vegetables.

Stay home

It’s dark, it’s cold, you’re tired, and the streets are frozen? Why to force exit out? Do not go out unless it is necessary. Be in the house as much as you can. All the people with whom you want to call them to see you at home, hot tea and pleasant company. Do not expose to danger for no reason.

Take advantage of shorter days and go to bed early. Pregnant quality sleep is essential to help your baby develop normally, and nature walks leave for spring.

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