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Sea health

Summer is favorite time of year for most people. When all the activities are on the sea, the biggest wish is that the sun is shining and the water temperature is ideal.


Unfortunately, in recent years the focus has found the various warnings due to high UV radiation, and somehow forgot to mention how the sea is actually healthy. We would remind you a little of the benefits of the sea.

Sea ​​salt

Arriving at the beach, but almost smell the sea. The smell contains salt. Sea salt is produced through evaporation of ocean water. It leaves behind certain minerals and trace elements. Minerals give flavor and color of sea salt. The combination of salt and water is ideal for people who have problems with the respiratory system. Do you have problems with asthma, bronchitis, various types of allergies that affect your breathing, just refer to the sea and unleash the above malfunctions.

Tip: We suggest you while you are in the sea to raise his hands in the air, dive and ascend immediately, repeat it several times and in the evening before going to sleep you feel that first day breathing lungs.


Swimming is a very healthy sport. During active swimming all the muscles of the body. Did you know that half an hour swimming like you’re exercising at the gym a few hours? Of course, swimming is a sport much more enjoyable than going to the gym. This sport is particularly healthy for your spine. Swimming also increases physical endurance and enhances the cardiovascular system. Diving enhances the lung. This is a sport in which rarely comes to injuries.


Studies have shown that sound waves affect the functioning of the brain. This beautiful sound just relaxes your body. Relaxing in this way helps to rejuvenate body and spirit. During swimming blood is directed from our feet to the abdominal area, or the area close to the heart because they no longer stand upright. Fresh blood circulation and brings more oxygen to the brain which makes us more active.

More peaceful sleep

You are probably wondering why such a good sleep after you’ve spent a day at sea? This is due to the sea air. The sea air is enriched with negative ions that accelerate the adsorption of oxygen. Also, negative ions are brought into balance serotonin, a compound in our body which is responsible for stress and mood. When you lie on the beach, the warmth of the sun affects your endocrine system. Part of your body that secretes endorphins – natural chemicals in your body are designed to make you feel relaxed and less stressed.

Healthy and radiant skin

A certain amount of sunshine can be good for certain skin diseases such as psoriasis – a chronic disease whose traces are visible on the elbows, knees and scalp. A small amount of UV radiation helps to slightly dries the skin, causing her to peel away and creates a new layer of healthy skin. In the case of this disease, the sun’s rays will help.

The sea is also good for people suffering from dermatitis. Studies have shown that water is by far the best choice against dermatitis. The faster it clears and helps the skin to heal. The main healers of sea salt and potassium chloride.

The researchers also claimed that bathing in seawater increases the elasticity of the skin and improves its outer appearance.

Thus, the sea and the sun has a lot of advantages. Cure skin diseases, relax and improve body functions. Therefore, we recommend to everyone, easy to sail towards the sea and make a new dose of health.


Photo by Marjan / CC BY

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