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Exercises for prevention of disc herniation

Prevention is better than cure is very true proverb, especially in the case of disc herniation when prevention is much more important than the drug alone.

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Although it is believed that the disease in individual cases can not be avoided, there are several precautions that you can take to reduce the risk.

Various causes of back pain can be prevented by regular exercise and strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. When these muscles are well trained and hard they make a kind of a protective corset for the spine and prevent possible problems with the spinal discs.

Doctors in recent years often advise surgery when it comes to disc herniation, which carries a lot of risk factors.

If you are diagnosed with disc herniation consult your health care, let you determine the physical therapy and demonstrate the exercises, and if even after six weeks of regular exercise and physical therapy you do not notice improvement then think about the operation and let it never to be the first choice.

Proper physical therapy can do a lot when it comes to prevention and the treatment received. During exercise it’s tried to reduce the pressure on the intervertebral disc and returned to his place if there is a protuberance. During physical therapy is paid attention and exercises for posture, which can have a very strong impact on the recovery.

If you are diagnosed with disc herniation follow some of these tips to make you a spine back into shape:

It is very important that you rest more, do not strain and listen to medical advice. This is no time for heroics and obstinacy because each reckless move can bring deterioration.

Regularly stretch by standing straight, spread legs and slowly bend backwards.

Avoid prolonged sitting, especially in an incorrect position. When working at the computer sit on pilates balls that will not allow you to be hunched, you’ll have to sit upright to maintain balance. Also, take frequent breaks, get up and walk around every half hour.

Be sure to sneeze and cough, because it often happens that the disc pops up during these actions. When you feel that you sneeze or cough sure to get up.

It is important to visit your doctor who will advise you on which positions to avoid and which to practice and listen to their advice.

And finally, if you are at risk, you sit more than eight hours a day, do not engage in physical activity, have a poor posture, be sure to start with light exercises which will strengthen the back and abdominal muscles and thus reduce the likelihood of discus hernia.

Do not wait until you got hurt.

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