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An easy way to listen to you your child from the first

TV or friends your child hear without problem, but when you say something it’s like talking to the wall? This is what we call selective hearing and fortunately, the problem is relatively easily solved.

child and father

Psychologist Michele Borba offers a few tips that helps you to your child hears but after you first say something.

First of all, you should ensure that your child be a good example and to ourselves to be good listeners and respond when your kids say something. Then, speak to the children with respect.

When you adopt, use the following model:

The first children to attract attention, and only then talk. Some children will need a warning, especially boys, which is much harder to divert attention from their games to you.

Another very practical tip is to turn down the voice, not that it increases! Children are not accustomed to talking calmly and gently, so it is likely that before responding, argues Borba.

Once the child becomes one attention, tell him that you looking in your eyes. Let your instructions are clear and brief – sometimes only need one word. “Talk less, not more,” advises.

Finally, ask the child to repeat what you said, how would you know that understand what you are looking for from him.

Another important thing – you do what you are looking for, reward him a hug and words of encouragement. This will help children to become happy, healthy and caring!


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