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Your children need pets?

Many people like the feeling that pets provide in their homes. Some even sleep in the same bed with pets.

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The most popular types of pets are dogs and cats, but we must not forget the other species such as the parrot, rabbit, hamster.

Regardless of the type of pet, they are good for your home and your children, and experts say the most important advantages.

Increase the level of physical activity

Obesity among children is becoming more common, and pets will encourage the child to the activity. Thus, for example, encourage the child to dog walking and running. About pets to be cared for, they should be nurtured and nourished, and for everything you need to spend energy.

Improve emotional health

It has been proven that pets relax, reduce stress hormones (cortisol) in the body and increases the release of the hormone of happiness. If your child is going through a difficult period (divorce, death in the family), a good choice would be to bring a pet into the home in order to reduce the risk of depression.

Develop responsibility

Most children will develop a sense of responsibility with the help of a pet. Daily care of the pet (feeding, cleaning) will, over time your child develop the need to help the environment.


Scientists have shown that children who are surrounded by animals have significantly lower risk of developing allergies and have a much stronger immune system. The great thing is that by reducing stress levels even further strengthens the immune system, reduce stress and allowed but also strengthen the immune system.

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