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Reheat foods that become toxic

Nutritionists point out that most foods contain compounds that become harmful when reheating, namely toxic

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Reheating food is generally not recommended because most foods contain compounds that become harmful when reheating, namely toxic, say nutritionists. Among those who are in the risk group for reprocessing lose their nutritional properties and enzymes, are:

1. Spinach, beet, celery and beets contain nitrate, which under the action of microorganisms and heating transformed into nitrite compounds further into nitrosamines, which are very harmful and carcinogenic. Spinach is the most risk in this group and always consume the strictly fresh form.

2. Mushrooms due to its protein easily change and become harmful, it is recommended that only slightly warm to 70 degrees.

3. Potatoes also belongs to the group of toxic foods after heating to lose its nutritional properties, and recent studies have shown that the healthiest potato is cooked, but chilled. Namely, when cooled, the potatoes leads to an increase in the percentage of resistant starch, which has a probiotic effect.

4. Meat warming becomes our body is unknown, due to changes in the composition of proteins. When proteins are long heated at high temperatures, changing their structure and by changing our body becomes unfamiliar, indigestible, and thus toxic.

5. High-risk foods to become reheating as well as those that are processed at low temperatures, such as poultry, cooked and smoked fish (salmon, mackerel, cod), raw or lightly cooked shellfish, dairy products and foods made ​​with milk, cheese and eggs. When eating this food, heating should not be an option.

Foods that can heat up the whole grains, they at least lose nutritional value, and their composition remains relatively unchanged. These include: rice, millet, barley and oats.

Tip: Reheat soup if you can tolerate it, remove the meat and vegetables and a warm liquid, this procedure is recommended in stews. If you cook large portions of food before eating it is the smartest of them into smaller portions to avoid stirring up repeatedly.

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