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Food that really you should never eat

tomato canned

Whether it is a hydrogenated crude vegetable oils and processed foods whose origin no one can identify, check the list of foods that has a bad effect on your health.

Jared Koch, American nutritionist and Clean Plates founder of the site, which promotes a healthy and delicious food, put together a list of foods that you should not buy or eat:

Tomatoes canned

The most valuable source of lycopene and other important nutrients is tomatoes. But if you buy in a can, you’re all spoiled. All canned foods contain BPA harmful ingredients, and most of it is in the juice from the tomatoes because of their acidity causes a greater release of BPA from canned wall. Therefore, eat fresh tomatoes or one of the glass containers. The account comes and cardboard packaging that contains BPA.


Salami, bacon, sausages and other meat products are full of sodium, and meat that is used for their production has been due to the way industrial farming full of hormones, antibiotics and nitrates. In addition, in the processing of such meat is another added artificial flavors and colors. It is always better to buy fresh meat (ideal would be that the animal was in the free grazing) and prepare it in your own kitchen.


In contrast to the butter, which is made from milk, butter is obtained from vegetable oils. Vegetable oils are not a problem, but the problem is that people come to margarine. The processing leads to the formation of Trans fatty acids which stimulate the inflammatory processes in the body, damage the cell and the vessel wall. It is believed that this kind of hardened vegetable fats increase the risk of circulatory diseases, and even cancer. “In my opinion, this is one of the worst foods in the store. There is a myth that healthy eating vegetarian food, but in the case of margarine absolutely not true, “said Koch.

Vegetable oils

The ratio of omega -6 and omega – 3 fatty acids in the Western diet is 15:1, and it should be 1:1. Highly- vegetable oils today are widely used in baked goods and fried foods. Because of this imbalance in the body leads to inflammatory processes. It is therefore more likely to eat cooked fish rich in omega -3 fatty acids, olive oil, and coconut oil and ground flax seeds.

Popcorn bags, which are prepared in a microwave oven

The bags with popcorn, which are placed in a microwave oven comprising a compound of PFOA. When you put the bag in the microwave PFOA clinging to the popcorn, and preliminary studies in humans have linked PFOA to infertility, cancer of the liver and testes.

fried potatoes

Non-organic potatoes

It is unrealistic to think that everything we buy from organic farming, but the potatoes should we. Pesticides and fungicides quickly invade the roots. Koch claims that tests have shown that the potatoes have a high concentration of chemicals that have been treated. Potatoes can actually grow in bags land on the balcony.

Soy Protein Isolate

Soy protein isolate is a highly refined substance and can disrupt the hormonal balance in the body. Taking into account that the majority of soybeans genetically modified, it is better to take coconut or almond milk.

Artificial sweeteners

If you cannot find something in nature, it is probably better to avoid. Honey, stevia, and even plain sugar are better than artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are very cute – sometimes 200 times more than sugar – and the brain eventually adapts and begins to crave sweeter foods. Aspartame is a particularly bad reputation, it is claimed to cause cancer and neurological problems, and scientists have confirmed that lead to weight gain and increased appetite.


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