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5 drinks that have more calories than a chocolate cake

If you thought the desserts were the worst for your waistline, you’re wrong. These drinks contain a lot more calories than regular chocolate cake (which has 227 calories), so think twice before you take it.

grape juice - more calories

1. Grape juice

Half a liter of grape juice contains 270 calories. A lot more than you thought, right? Clean comparison, half a liter of red soda contains 200 calories.

2. Chocolate milk

A quart of chocolate milk contains about 254 calories, and many drink half a liter in the blink of an eye.

3. Orange juice

Half a liter of orange juice contains 258 calories. This is another reason that orange juice you should drink moderately and slowly.

4. Wine

Two glasses of wine contain even 320 calories. As much as we love wine, stop at one glass.

5.  Cranberry juice
Although it does not contain alcohol, half a liter of cranberry juice contains 260 calories. In comparison, the chocolate cake sounds “easy”.


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