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Swimming knows no age: Activity that strengthens and relaxes the muscles!

Choose swimming as a family sport and solve stress, excess weight and enter the happiness and pleasure in your life.

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If you are thinking about the sport that you “back to life”, we suggest that it be swimming. In addition to the feeling of happiness and satisfaction, swimming strengthens and relaxes the muscles of the whole body and at the same time.

Swimming can be useful for a wide range of people in terms of age and ability, and: for very young people, and also old, beginners and serious athletes and fitness fans, in pregnant women, in people who have a deformity or injury.

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Swimming has a positive effect on many aspects of life, including physical, mental and emotional aspects. No wonder doctors , physiotherapists , psychologists , fitness trainers , all praise and suggest swimming as one of the best ways to stay in shape? . Swimming is the best “all in one” package for fitness engage most muscle in the body in different ways every move. When properly performed movements lengthen muscles and increase their flexibility.

Significant repetition of these movements improves muscle endurance and the water creates more resistance than air against the body, the muscles strength and gain muscle tone. Swimming also increases the strength of the spine which is important for overall health and stability in their daily activities. Hip, back and abdominal muscles are key to move through the water efficiently and effectively.

Properly structured training swimming provides incredible improvement in the cardiovascular system. Nature breathing when swimming is such that it increases lung capacity and oxygen intake is consistent. Compare swimming with other activities they offer benefits for certain parts of the body.

Running increases cardiovascular fitness and tones the lower body, rowing builds stamina and strength, and strengthens upper and lower body. Weight lifting increases strength and toning targeted muscle groups, Pilates and yoga are working on general strength and endurance, all these activities are very good and each one fits, the good thing about swimming is that swimming is activated all the muscles in one workout and fits almost everyone!

When you decide that your recreation is swimming, there is no determining which days to work that muscle group because it activates all the swimming, swimming along with us to more easily fall.

Swimming is also good for the mind and spirit. It can calm us after a long and stressful day at work. Swimming is a great way to separate a specific time for us somewhere where we will be constantly available, because let’s face it mobile and laptop does not go with us to the pool.

Besides swimming over 20 minutes signals the body to release the hormone endorphin, which increases the feeling of happiness and wellbeing and also our painkiller that we make in ourselves. Regular swimming will help you on an emotional level. Necessary discipline to swim a number of lengths, and when we do we feel calmer, have more self-confidence. Fatigue that I feel is a good fatigue, tiredness, which is reborn.


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