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New Year’s resolution: Project breakfast

Certainly we’ve already been bored with potentiating breakfast as the most important meal of the day, but we will not give up so easily. Today, you will discover that this change should be incorporated this year when it comes to breakfast.

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If you have New Year’s resolutions to change what you’re habits are, that must mean that you will never jump breakfast, without breakfast because there is not a healthy diet, you simply must know. Here are some important tips to help you make this decision into action.

Pre-prepare and plan meals. There is indeed a multitude of dishes that you can prepare the evening before, that you get up in the morning as soon as it’s ready. There most think of oatmeal and chia seeds you put in jars, pouring milk and yogurt, add honey, stir and place in the fridge until morning. Also you can make muffins on Sundays and during the week they reheat.

Explore new recipes. This year devote recipes for breakfast, forget the standard dishes that we usually eat and experiment. Try smoothies, muffins, scrambled eggs special.

Think about nutritional values. A little more pay attention to the foods that you eat and do not take what you first come in hand. For example, whole-wheat toast will keep you fuller for longer than the toast of white flour.

Use unusual foods. We must admit that we are pretty closed when it comes to breakfast, and a small number of foods that we usually eat. As we have already noted this year try new recipes, but also some foods that you have not used, which are great for breakfast. Among them are: tahini, amaranth, chia seeds, buckwheat, quinoa, dates … Since almost all of these foods can make wonderful puree in which you can mix honey, nuts, dried fruits, spices.

Have your breakfast this year are slightly more abundant. This will perhaps be the weirdest, but try especially if you plan to lose weight, because the more you eat for breakfast you will eat less during the day, you’ll have more energy and makes it easier to focus on the work and problems of the day.


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