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Menu of diets

Before you go on a diet make sure to combine the diet menu.

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You must always keep the basic guidelines as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO):

  • 55-60% of energy on the day we get from carbohydrates
  • 20-30% of energy on the day we get from fat
  • 10-15% of energy on the day we get from protein (protein)

Distribution of energy by installments:

  • 20-30% of daily energy waste BREAKFAST
  • 30-40% of daily energy waste LUNCH
  • 20-30% of daily energy waste DINNER
  • 10-15% of daily energy waste in afternoon snack

Examples of foods with which you can prepare a meal:

For breakfast is always recommended:

  • whole grains and cow’s milk or soy,
  • yogurt with walnuts,
  • fruit in any form.

Breakfast that is never recommended: donuts, fried foods, white bread, chocolate

For lunch is always recommended:

  • fish (tuna, hake, sardine) in combination with potato salad, green salad, seasoned with olive oil
  • meat (turkey, chicken, veal) in combination with potatoes and green salad
  • a plate of vegetable soup combined with roasted meats and lettuce

For lunch, it’s not suggested to eat spicy foods, only one type of food such as meat. Never eat only meat and bread, always add in favor of green or some other type of lettuce


  • brown bread with dairy spreads
  • spaghetti with salsa
  • fish fillet in combination with salad

For dinner certainly it’s not advisable to load up the food and then go lie down.

Afternoon snack

  • any fruit (apple, orange, banana)
  • toasted bread with a combination of peanut butter
  • stewed fruit

For a snack is not advisable to eat only simple carbohydrates like chocolate candies …

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