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How to alleviate muscle pain after exercise?

Every time you exercise, your muscles have small scars, which are actually the main causes of pain. Once your body recover from the scars, you become stronger, faster and slimmer. However, if you overuse the muscles stretch and strain, you destroy the natural process of recovery of muscle tissue and increase muscle mass.

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Imagine your muscles as part of the fabric that you hold in front of him with both hands. When you view the fabric stretched at one time not to because they started shooting. Unfortunately, most people who exercise regularly, do not know how to stimulate the natural process of recovery of muscles. When your muscles do not need to devote even a small injury can be a problem.

How do you know if you need further attention muscle or not? Typically, the pain will be sharp, intense and localized to a specific area. The pain will certainly be more lenient when good rest, but you will still feel the tension. Here are some tips that will help to alleviate muscle pain and speed up their recovery.

Lift, put a compression bandage and a cold compress

The sooner you pick up the muscles above the level of your heart, put a compression bandage and a cold compress, the better. All this will help to reduce inflammation. Hold a cold compress every hour for 15 minutes for 24 hours. Continue lifting the muscles above the level of the heart to speed up recovery. Wait at least a week before you stop with these procedures.

Do not take pain medication

If nothing else, this pain can safely handle. Painkillers will not help. They will undermine the natural process of recovery of muscles, their regeneration and growth. If you are already taking pain medication, always follow the instructions on the label.

Pay attention to bruises

If you’ve noticed a bruise on the part of the body where it hurts muscle, then this pain can be considered a relatively serious. Bruises occur when the muscle tissue is so damaged that bleeding inside. This is a sure indication that you should seek medical attention. Also, if the damage was deeper in the muscle tissue, it may take up to several days to the surface of the skin you notice a bruise.

Do not stretch

Or at least do not do it right away. Stretch the injured muscle will only cause further damage and make things worse. First, give your muscles some time to recover, and then have completed stretching. If the damage to the goods, and probably is, you can gently stretch the muscles the next few days. During stretching you should feel pain, but they should be pleasant. If the pain becomes uneasy, immediately stop stretching.


Depending on how much damage is serious, you may need to make a break for several days or weeks and in that time to rest. Never continue with an exercise program in the moments when you feel intense pain in the muscles. Muscles You should never hurt. If you are hurt, you should stop exercising for a while, or at least reduce the intensity of exercise.

Think about what went wrong

As long as muscle pains are a result of a fall or blow, you will need to pay attention to how to discover who is the cause. This means muscles are not as developed and powerful. For example, runners often feel pain in the area of ​​the back of the leg because the buttocks are not sufficiently developed. No matter how you exercise, you need to work to develop all the muscles.

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