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Cereal diet which acts

We are sure that you love cereal for the morning meal, but can you eat them within two weeks weight loss plan? Cereal diet works, but it has its downside.

cereal diet

This diet is one of the simplest, but like any other is not easy (although it is simpler than other heavy diet). What is good is that you do not have to completely give up all other meals, but the two day replace with the plate cereal (1 cup) milk with less fat. It can be breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner. So, instead of the typical dinner and a classic lunch you will eat a plate of cereals with milk. And that should be last two weeks. Use cereals with less sugar (or sugar-free), and you can lose up to 6 pounds in 7 days. Not a lot, but keep in mind that this diet is not asking for a lot of starvation.

The third meal let to be healthy, without a lot of fat, with more vegetables and meat (cooked chicken, fish,…). Alcohol is not allowed during a diet.

Why is the people like this diet?

For a short time diet has become very popular. Mostly because it is easy to track. No special preparation of food, meal planning, counting calories. You need a healthy cereals, milk and a little note on food and 6 pounds guaranteed leave.

Diet is favorite for sure because it does not promote starvation. And grains can saturate, and there is one main meal – dinner or lunch. Also, with this diet you will not spend to much money on special food – in the third meal try to be modest – make roasted chicken in a little oil, salads with olive oil, boiled vegetables, bread with whole grains flour….

Possible problems

The biggest problem with this diet is that it can become quite boring. Although two weeks does not seem like a long time, but after 5 days some of you cereals can grow sickly (even when buying different).

There is a possibility that this dietary intake and not enough carbohydrates, but also many other things required the body – protein, fiber, nutrients,…

Really works

If you’re ready for a little challenging if you follow the diet correctly, you will surely lose weight. Great damage to the body and health are not determined if the diet observe 14 days. However, experts do not recommend more than this or that is too often repeat, as it may cause health problems due to the low intake of vegetables, fruits, fiber,…

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