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Breakfast of only 400 calories

Foods that will help reduce body weight, and are very easy to prepare.

home made belgian waffle

Tired of everyday devising what you can eat for breakfast, and you want to lose weight, we suggest you some easy recipes that contain less than 400 calories and a small proportion of sodium, sugar, gluten-free:

Smoothie (containing 382 calories)

Drinking a smoothie of apples and yogurt because it contains a lot of fiber, protein and vitamins and is ideal to start the day. It contains 120 milligrams of sodium, only 5 percent of the recommended intake of the day.

Waffles with banana (containing 374 calories)

This recipe is used mainly by vegetarians, but it certainly can serve us to reduce weight and is very important to emphasize that prepared breakfast no cholesterol. In the morning when you wake up, save the mixture for waffles and instead use the prayers that are rich in sugar, just use bananas. Bananas is very important to consume because they contain a lot of potassium.

Spinach and eggs (containing 365 calories)

The dish that requires only ten minutes. Spinach is the best small fry in olive oil because that way spinach does not lose its medicinal properties. When you notice that the spinach became soft, pour the eggs. Very healthy breakfast, very easy and fast to save, and you will be full.

Pancakes gluten-free flour (contains 187 calories)

Gluten free pancakes offer more than 15 grams of protein and less than 8 grams of fiber. Combine them with your favorite fruit and sweeten morning treat with few calories.

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