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Women hair loss: When it’s time to worry?

About hair loss and balding among women there is little talking because it is rather rare and somewhat neglected. And so we decided to find out what should every woman know when it comes to hair loss.

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All of us during shampooing note that a considerable number of hairs left in the bath or brush, according to some research, per day we lose about 100 hairs to 100,000, and that range is considered normal because most of these hair grows back.

When it’s time to worry?

What should you worry is whether seals on the head where there is no hair at all, or visibly thinning hair. It is estimated that as many as 30 percent of women 40 – 45 years in the post menopausal period suffering from hair loss.

On average, monthly hair grows approximately one centimeter, but the problem is that all the follicles do not grow at the same time, every hair that grows on your head stays there for three to six years before waste. If you notice that your hair is falling more than usual, the first step you need to do is to visit a general practitioner because there are many reasons why this might happen. Only some of them are sudden weight loss, stress, lack of iron, lack of nutrients or improper functioning of the thyroid gland.

Just as there are many reasons, there is also a variety of treatments to accelerate rats hair and certainly not even think about how everything is lost. Talk to a physician or dermatologist who will prescribe the appropriate treatment in accordance with your exact cause. There are many treatment in the form of a cream, and there are those in the form of a capsule, a supplement.

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