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Sunbathing with natural oils for faster tanning

Some natural oils can help you to quickly get color this summer, in addition to nourish and hydrate the skin.


One of the best ways to get a wonderful “sun-kissed” skin is to gradually and intelligently expose to the sun and to enjoy the absorption of vitamin D.

Of course, before you jump on this oil, you must take several tings or you otherwise, get burns and excoriation and streaked skin. And, not to mention the damaging effects of such exposure to the sun.

Sunbathing with natural oils is the healthiest option, but you must respect the basic rules, such as avoiding the sun in the afternoon, applying sunscreen, refreshing, hydration, …

To make your skin more easily and better got a pretty darker shade it’s important to prepare properly. Peels are the key.

Before applying any of these oils your skin should be completely clean in order oil to work. It is recommended only 10-15 minutes of sunbathing for each side of the body.

Start slowly and take extra care if you have a pale complexion. Check first to get the first color, then start with oils.

One of the best oils for faster tanning is definitely oil of hazelnuts. It contains vitamin E and skin absorbs it faster than is the case with other oils.

Coconut oil is recommended primarily for those with sensitive skin, and who want to get a bronze color quickly. Other oils, even, can worsen the condition of the skin of these people.

We know of course that olive oil works well when it comes to faster darkening. New super trick is to combine olive oil with some fresh carrot juice for a darker complexion and tincture of iodine, in order to prevent possible burns.

Avocado oil is recommended for those with dry skin, while oil from wheat germ that can mitigate the effects of sun, such as wrinkles, lines on the skin or pigmentation problems.

Extracts of green tea are still the best in preventing sunburn. It softens the skin, in addition to color, which, in part, thanks to him you get, it protects you from the harmful effects of UV rays. It would be best to mix it with some of these oils for best effect.


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